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SMS Bomber is a Free , Easy to use SMS Pranking Tool. Which Allows You to Send Bulk SMS to Targeted Number.

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SMS Bomber is a sms Pranking Tool Which Sends Thousands of Sms to Targeted Number.
1. Open SMSBomber.xyz or SMS Bomber App.
2. Enter Your Friend Number You Want To Target.
3. Choose With Bombing Speed.
4. Click Start Button.
Today SMS ( Short Message Service ) is the one of the effective way for marketing in business. If you are starting a new company, You should learn sms marketing for sure. You can promote your business using Bulk SMS Marketing in less cost as it is cost effective. Even if you have you a small business, you can afford it. SMS is a direct way to reach your customer. Businesses can reach big audience with sms marketing and it dosen't matter where the business is based. There are overall 5 Billion subscribers who have phones with sms service enabled.
Fast Deployment: Bulk SMS Allows you to send bulk messages to all of your users at the same time. This shows how you can save time and get faster results using bulk sms marketing. Highly Cost Effective:It is highly cost effective. All other advertising sources such as TV Advertisement, Printing etc. are costly. As compared to this bulk sms marketing is cheap. About 82.1% is the SMS Open rate that means 82 people will check sms sent by you using the software out of 100 people. One more advantage is you can also target a specific audience and send sms to the targeted audience to promote your business in specific areas.
Lets assume you have a ecommerce website & you want to do sms marketing. Then you should send them some exclusive deals via messages. You can also send coupon codes in message with a link of your ecommerce website. You can also send your audience photos and videos with your text that will make them find your website.